School Information..
The Humanities and the Sciences taught in the school aim to impart sound practical knowledge of the syllabus of the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E) Central Board of Secondary Education and the  (C.B.S.E) After love, education is the greatest gift that you can give to your child. A good education prepares a child to be the best that she/he can be in life. Good teachers inspire him with a love of learning that endures long after specific facts are forgotten.

To derive the greatest benefit from his education, a child must be seen by his school as an individual. He must be encouraged to develop an inquiring mind, his teacher needs to be available when he wants to ask a question.

There have been major improvements and extensions since that time.

The children have always enjoyed the reputation of being friendly and there is a 'family atmosphere' within the school. We have very close links with the community and the local parish church and Cathedral of school

A high quality education requires an expert staff. It requires facilities and buildings appropriate to the task, It requires time, patience and dedication. This is what we have to offer.  right next to the famous Delhi Road. The extensive campus has a modern and extensive football field, a cricket pitch and large playgrounds.